Clear business processes to solve your problems
Fixed departure schedule, fast delivery times
Control of transport documents, customs clearance
Internal consolidation warehouses
Experience since 1995.
Comprehensive support
Process in stages
Taking to storage
Pick up and deliver cargo to consolidation warehouse
Cargo handling, processing of necessary documents
Delivery to Customs office of destination
Delivery to your storage
Shipping from temporary storage to your warehouse

Types of transportation

  • Eurotruck (82-92 m³)
The most common type of vehicle for international road transport. The standard eurotruck has 33 European pallets with dimensions of 80 cm per 120 cm.
  • Megatrailer (100 m³)
Trailer trailer which allows to transport goods up to 3 meters without overpayment for special transport.
  • Road train (110-120 m³)
Suitable for the transport of bulk goods, because. consists of a car with a body and a trailer of the same or different volume and load capacity.
Calculation of the cost
Calculate the cost of transportation online!
Convenient online calculator will help to lay the optimal route and get the current cost of transportation.
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Why people choose GREENWAY?

The logistics operator Greenway owns its own fleet of 25 trucks with universal platforms for shipping sea containers. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. Additionally, all Customers' loads are additionally sealed. All Greenway shipments are 100% insured by the General Insurance Policy.

We are a team of specialists with high level of qualification and great experience in the field of foreign economic activity.

Making a full range of international logistics services in one-window mode.

Our achievements over the years

GREENWAY has been a logistics operator since 1995. We solve problems related to logistics and support of export-import operations quickly and competently.
26 years
freight experience
Over 2 million
tons of cargo delivered
100% out of 100
of the cargo arrived on time
440 companies
entrusted the cargo expedition to us

Our team


Savelyev Andrey Ruslanovich

"Over more than 25 years of work we have created an entire ecosystem with clear and well-established business processes to support import and export operations.‍

Much has changed over the years, but our experience, transparency and responsibility always help our clients to realize their most ambitious plans."

Deputy CEO


Manager of the commercial departments


Manager of the commercial departments




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